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New construction paint. Paint renovation. Painting for transformation and maintenance of buildings, shops, factories, etc. Painting for conservation in houses. Painting of facades. Painting interior. Painters for individuals and businesses.

Our Business. Decorative and industrial paint

Paintings Jesús Fogueras is a family oriented company dedicated to industrial and decorative painting, with over thirty years of experience serving its customers and supported by countless work performances. For example: painting of newly constructed buildings, renovation, maintenance and building transformation for all businesses and industries.
Also specific jobs including: conservation, enhancement and improvement in private homes

Qualified human resources in painting works

We have comprehensively experienced personnel in continuous training both on the latest trends in colors and styles and product application systems. We do not subcontract, (by outsourcing, there′s a lack of control over the work, to the detriment of the quality of work and final price) this allows confident support of any work undertaken with the highest professional warranty.

Material suitable for painting works

We have the most modern and specialized machinery in the sector, suitable for working anywhere and always with maximum safety and efficiency. We also use quality materials from leading companies, therefore, we offer a quality guaranteed by the same brands.

Working system of the company Pintors Jesus Fogueras

Each team has the constant presence of the business partners, which control and direct every detail of the process, so that all tasks are carried out in the most skillful, fast and professional manner.
We adapt to the customers needs without interference in daily activities, schedules, planning etc.
We handle with maximum care all our clients personal property and assets. All belongings are protected, taped, covered or moved as necessary and our work is always delivered in perfect condition, after cleaning and sorting the area where the work has been done.

Security for the customer

We provide absolute security and confidence to our customers, therefore:
- We make a strict compliance of all labor regulations (Social Security, Risk, etc..)
- We are registered at the Register of Authorized Companies (REA) for the construction sector.
- We have public liability insurance with Allianz insurance company relating to any problems that may arise from our actions.
- We have the technical details of all products and other components.

Value for money

The serious and professional work is thoroughly planned and managed by the owners of the company allowing them to offer highly competitive prices for all work undertaken.
Any difference in the price of a budget should be contrasted with the finished quality of our work and the use of quality materials, manufactured and supplied by leading brands.
The result is unbeatable value for money.

Without any obligation we can offer you an estimate for all types of work. We will give a solution to your painting projects and we commit ourselves to suit to your requirements.